February 19, 2019

New Patients

Your first visit is an opportunity for you and I to find out


I want to discover what is motivating you to seek treatment at this time

What are your specific goals (short term and long term)

An opportunity to discover if there is alignment between what you are wanting for your health and what I can provide.

In most cases, we do end up working together. However, if it appears that I can’t provide what you are looking for, I will honestly let you know that and help you with finding what your next steps should be (i.e. do you need nutritional help or to see a neurologist or orthopedic surgeon)


No Insurance reimbursement (except HSA)


No Pressure

No Commitmants

Yes Your questions answered

Time to think things over if you need it

Yes A desire to regaun your health and truly enjoy doing those things that you have been missing out on.